Agile SPM Solutions

Mindrose is a Sales Performance Management consulting company.

We strive for:

Transformative Outcomes
The core intent of the work we do is create positive transformation in how business is done. We want to take out rigidity and stress from business systems and empower the business users to do more value-add work while technology takes care of the routine tasks effortlessly.

Joyful Experience
There is a significant misconception that for successful technology work, people have to work crazy hours, that everything needs to be tightly (and bureaucratically) managed. In reality, best outcomes are achieved when individuals are empowered and supported in a joyful way. What can be better than enjoying the people you work with including customer team members.

If you use the same tools and same old methods, you can only go so far. Being innovative is about asking the right questions, listening, ideating and together creating approaches and solutions. Innovativeness is about creating new business models, new ways to structure customer relationships, and new ways to organize value creation.